Montana land for sale in Bitterroot Valley has large acreage and beautiful views of Big Sky Country. Land parcels and building lots in town typically have anywhere from 1 acre of property up to 3 or 5 or even 10 acres of land. Towns include Stevensville, Florence and Darby in Bitterroot Valley, Montana.

Other Land parcels in the Bitterroot Valley have anywhere from 30 to 100 acres or more. This includes ranchland, farmland, woodlands, and mountainview properties. Many parcels have streams and rivers with excellent fishing… all is beautiful property and many have beautiful scenic views.

Vegetation of the state includes ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, larch, fir, spruce, aspen, birch, red cedar, ash, alder, rocky mountain maple and cottonwood trees. Forests cover approximately 25% of the state. Flowers native to Montana include asters, bitterroots, daisies, lupins, poppies, primroses, columbine, lilies, orchids and dryads.

Montana contains Glacier National Park and portions of Yellowstone National Park, including three of the Park’s five entrances. Other federally recognized sites include the Little Bighorn National Monument, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Big Hole National Battlefield, Lewis and Clark Caverns, and the National Bison Range. Montana has eight National Forests and over 20 National Wildlife Refuges. The Federal government administers 36,000,000 acres. 275,000 acres are administered as state parks and forests.

Montana is a large state with considerable variation in geography so the climate is equally varied. The western half is mountainous, interrupted by numerous large valleys. The Continental Divide runs north-south through the western mountainous half, and has a large effect on the climate. West of the divide the climate is described as modified northern Pacific coast climate, with milder winters, cooler summers, less wind, and a longer growing season.

Average daytime temperatures vary from 28 degrees in January to 84.5 degrees in July. The variation in geography leads to great variation in temperature. Throughout the state summer nights are generally cool and pleasant. Temperatures decrease with altitude, and hot weather is unknown above 4,000 ft. Snowfall is not unknown any month of the year in the central part of Montana, but is quite rare in July and August

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